Politics has for long been somewhat removed from the people and society. This attitude tends to present politics and politicking as an exclusive preserve of some individuals and groups from another planet thereby removing the humanity that should define engagements. The implication is that political players therefore operate with a certain mental fixation and find it difficult to connect their political expression and the people. All these affect the character of government and the quality of governance. This platform would critically examine these gaps, the impact on the family, the people and society. Except the humanity in politicians is properly interrogated,situated and necessary questions asked about the pedigree of mandate seekers, their understanding of issues and what they are bringing to the table, inertia will continue to mar the performance streak of those chosen from among the people. Through this platform, I intend to stir quality discussions and interventions that would assist people to ask the necessary questions that will guide choices and ensure leaders are accountable to the people.

Welcome folks.