About The Blogger

Mrs. Nnedi Ogaziechi

Nnedinso is a child of the society and an unrepentant believer in the enthronement of a political system that not only works for the people but guarantees them welfare and happiness. Nnedi holds a B.A in English and a Masters degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies. She has worked in the Punch, Guardian Newspapers and other Media and Public Relations/consultancy firms. She is an Editorial Board member and a member of Group of Public Affairs Analysts of Nigeria (GPAAN) She has been part of organizations that have organized conferences and workshops on leadership, good governance and social re-engineering aimed at structuring a more equitable society for all.

In the last two decades, she has through publications as a columnist and contributor in national and international journals, mounted advocacy to create awareness on the need for the people to hold their leaders accountable and for the leaders to work and stand on the side of the people and history. Over the years, she has, through research and interaction with segments of the society found out that the disconnect between leaderships and the people account for the development gaps across the globe.

She has always maintained that democracy cannot be run in default and the element of participation which is a critical component of true democratic practice must be present for the sense of humanity to be sustained. She intends to hold out this platform as a public trust, create an opportunity for quality, factual, informed and development-oriented discussions to challenge the political players to be more sensitive, responsive and accountable. Also for followers to understand the power of asking questions and being part of the means and process of governance.

This platform will be critical, educative, interactive, expository and above all point a torch at the direction that would promote real development. It will interrogate issues on power, politics, leadership, political players,  relationships, family, the people and our global society.